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Wants and needs, and us(well, me at least)

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Wants and needs, and us(well, me at least)

Post  Guest on Wed Jun 30, 2010 12:45 pm

Now, I know that most people who read this probably know and understand this, but I felt it would be better to rage here than in guild chat :)

We are a guild, an in game family. This is correct. This does NOT mean that anyone is anyone else's slave! Sometimes we can't or won't do thing for you.

Sure, we'll adv feather you sometimes, if we have a spare or some extra NX, and we may or may not ask for something in return. But, sometimes we don't have a spare, or we can't change channel. If you can do surveys and such, it's also only 300nx for a nao stone. If you're running G1 or G3 final and have suffered a TPK, sure, then I'll try and drop everything to rev one of you, if you think you can win, but some random SM or other Generation mission, please have a VERY good reason to continually demand someone feather you. You don't want to fail is NOT a valid reason. Last floor and dropped your last weapon IS a valid reason. Can't revive at statue due to -100%, unless you're at the boss room or so, give up the dungeon. That's another thing, one feather, not so bad. 5 feathers, give it up, level up, try again.

Be prepared. If you think you will die a lot, but want to bull through it, find someone who will stay on the same channel as you, give them a stack of adv feathers and just ask them to revive you when you have problems. Buy or collect HW before the dungeon, probably multiple stacks if you think you will die a lot and make sure you don't drop your weapons. Ask for suggestions if you think you will have problems (eg: g10 final).

Then, if you're asking for help, if someone says no, leave them alone. If someone says some time later, wait for that time. If someone is helping you, make sure they are ready, don't enter the dungeon or SM without letting them be paying attention. Sometimes we are not able to help at a certain time. This does not mean we are not ignoring you. Sometimes we get burned out. I often am just online to chat and water my farm, I CAN'T do dungeons without being docked. We do have lives, we also sometimes just want to do something for ourselves. Then, some dungeons are hard without being rewarding enough.

If things go wrong in the run, don't blame the other people. Things go wrong, AI doesn't react the same every time (stupid warrior moving to where I dragoned, sorry again rer :)), lag happens to all of us. Sometimes you get people who aren't used to the dungeon, multiagro, exploding enemies, ect. But, if someone goes out of their way to sabotage a run (such as dragoning the group or NPCs), let someone else know, don't try to take justice into your own hands. If it's some random person, let the guild know to avoid that person. If it's a guild member, probably yuuki or tai. Sometimes you will find it's ok to sever ties with the person, but remember, everyone's actions reflect upon the whole.

Also, if you tell someone you will do something with them, don't back out without good reason. If they are timely in getting to the dungeon, don't leave them stranded just because a friend asks you to dungeon with them. This also goes for the reverse. If you ask for help, don't make them wait. If you're doing a dungeon, or have to take a break, let the person know. Don't make people CW and walk to a dungeon just to find out you've changed your mind or decided to go without them. Wasting people's time is quite rude.

Spamming guild chat: Don't. If you are going to rage, post it on the forums, spam someone via notes or PM(do this to me, I honestly don't mind). Spamming the guild chat will NOT help your case. It will only annoy or anger people. If people don't want to do something with you or buy something from you, spamming will at best get you ignored, at worst make them try to sabotage any chances you have of getting your objective.

If you're going to sell something in guild, DON'T TRY TO RIP YOUR GUILDMATES OFF! If you need money, ask if they'd buy the item at an increased price. Don't try to sell it at the increased price and pretend it's a good price. We all have access to the Housing board, and many of us can tell if you're selling over the prices there. This is also not to say you have to under price the board, selling at the same price is not a bad thing. Selling slightly higher can be fine, some people prefer to help people they know and will pay a little premium while doing so.

Basically: learn No is an answer. Also, yes, we do treat different people differently. If you do things with me with me, I'm more likely to do things for you. If you treat me kindly, I'm more willing to help you when you need it. But also remember, someone does need to do something first to begin this relationship :)

There, I think I stayed civil and didn't name names in a negative fashion.


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Re: Wants and needs, and us(well, me at least)

Post  blaze on Wed Jun 30, 2010 2:05 pm

That was beautiful.....
I think I might actuly cry ...

Nice job man that needed to be said

Last edited by blaze on Wed Jun 30, 2010 3:18 pm; edited 1 time in total


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Re: Wants and needs, and us(well, me at least)

Post  Frozenfurry on Wed Jun 30, 2010 2:21 pm

how long did it take to typed that?!?!?!

... i so agree with Blaze....
that was beautiful...
I for one don't like certain missions.. as Mage said :3 i sometimes don't like to do 'em...
You just have to catch me in a good mood ;)...
*if you think i'm that strong for the challenge*
Mage.... you have spoken the words that i having be holding dear in my heart... xD

Mage..... bravo.... i have to give you props...

You truly are probably the most mature person in this guild...

Nice Job Mage.... this has only given you more respect from me


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Re: Wants and needs, and us(well, me at least)

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